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An interview with Collective Chaos! You can check out their blog here.
Feb 3rd, 2010

With the new Bizzare cover and other major publications, Mosh does not need much introduction these days. Her fast rise to the top of popularity is legendary, even though she, unlike her competitors, does not seem the least bit affected by it. She is as determined and down to earth as ever, working hard, while making it look easy, to produce high quality content for her site, as well as photographer and designer portfolios.

With the introduction of our new Couture Design: The Rose Cage-Dress and Hat, modeled by Mosh during her last trip to the East Coast, we though it would be only appropriate to ask our favorite chaos-girl a couple of questions:

COLLECTIVE CHAOS - How has your life changed, if at all, since your first cover of Bizarre magazine?
MOSH - I still work the same and shoot the same, but I love having these covers and they mean a lot to me. I certainly get more people commenting that they saw me on the cover of Bizarre and that they took notice of my work. Bizarre has been really great to me, I owe a lot to them for putting me on their cover, twice!

The most important modeling tip?
Be yourself with a strong touch of professionalism.

You have gone through some dramatic changes in your life: leaving your homeland, giving up gymnastics, leaving East Coast and your family: do you ever miss any of it?
I've visited the motherland a few times since I moved. I don't miss living there, I'm very happy with where I am. Visiting is nice though, it gives me nostalgic memories and scents to remember. A long time ago I dreamed about having to quit gymnastics, back when I was still training vigorously, it made me so sad because its what I've been used to doing for years. I miss spending the time with my coaches (my parents) and my teammates, but I'm happy about not being a part of it today. Leaving the east coast was hard, I miss my family and friends. I left just about everything and everyone I know and moved to a place almost 3000 miles away. I really love where I am now, but from time to time I start to miss the east coast and my family. Many people have this same story and we all make this move for one reason, to pursue our dreams. Mine is to further my ambitions and plans as a model and designer.

So what else do you do anyways?
I run my own paysite, themoshroom.com. When I'm not doing that I'm working on my upcoming lipstick line and shoe line. There's another little line that I might drag one of my favorite designers into :) Thats something I'll talk about later when the plans are further along production.

A word on fashion?
Don't follow the trends. Follow what truly looks fabulous on you, even if someone says its outdated. After all, isn't that what fashion is about? Making you feel fantastic and look your best?

Granny panties?
One of my fetishes. I own dozens upon dozens of these. I love wearing the sheer pairs under vintage dresses, in shoots, in bed, wherever!

What's your fuel?
The desire and love for what I do. I'm beyond lucky to be able to do it everyday, and it just fuels me further to continue to do it. When you're truly happy in life you don't really need something else to to be ambitious.

And personal life?
I'm very lucky there too. I found someone who shares the same interests and love for what I do. Even though I primarily rely on my own drive to do what I do, his support helps me in so many ways.

What are the three things people don't know about you and would be surprised to find out?
I don't know about any surprises but I used to play guitar, I played for about 5 years.
- I was voted most likely to walk to the beat of my own drum in high school, not really a surprise there though.
- I was a cheerleader for something like 10 or so years. People always reply to that with "I don't see you as a cheerleader type". I wasn't really, at least not in your typical high school cheerleader sense, I hated being at games. I loved competitive cheerleading however, I was on a competitive squad for at least 5 or 6 years.

Where to next?
We will all have to wait and see!

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