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Diamonds are a girl's best friend, and so is glamour. Every girl loves to get dressed up at least once in a while, personally I love to do it often. Slipping into a set of delicate lingerie and nylon stockings is as much fun for me as sliding on a lubed latex dress.

Most of my glamour does not consist of your typical vanilla girl-next-door look (although I'm easily capable of it ). I love to incorporate elements of fetish or alternative all too often in my other shoots, that its leaked over onto my beauty, pinup, and glamour work. Like I said before though, when it comes to my own shoots, I like having it my way!

A lot more where this came from in my member's gallery. So either join now or login!

I am available for glamour, pinup, and beauty work. And yes, you can have it your way for your shoot. Click here to book me!