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Who is Mosh?
As I put it in one magazine interview...
A model who specializes in alt, fetish, pinup, beauty, fashion, and commercial work since 2006. Also a performer, designer, webmaster, and stylist.

What is themoshroom.com about?
In short, its a site chock-full of artistic images, videos, webcam chat shows, journal entries, members-only e-mail, candids, an ever-growing extras page, and more. This is where I explore and share my interests, fetishes, and ideas. It's primarily about me sharing my love for modeling in a variety of ways and looks. Some join because they're interested in myself and my work, others because they enjoy my portfolio and want to see more. Some members want to use my poses and images for reference for their own artwork. Others join simply because they're curious about me, my life, fetishes, beauty, pinup, and the not so usual. It's also a place where I can keep close contact with my members.
There's also a guest version of the site where you can view my portfolio, credentials, message me, and more.

What kind of image sets could I expect?
They are image sets in 1200 and 1600 pixel size, most of which are never before seen. The image sets come with 10 - 150 images per set, the average number of images in a set is around 60.
My sets are kept to an artistic nude level. I do get nude, strip-tease, and dress up in an interesting and exotic way. This however is not some hardcore porn site and if that is what you're looking for, then you'd better look elsewhere!
The point of this site is to entertain and dazzle you with my abilities as a model, fetishist, and stylist. I share some of my life, secrets, tips, and interact with people who are my members. If that makes you happy in your pants or panties, then so be it.

How can I get a hold of you?
For booking and general inquiries, you can use my contact forms here, or you can send an email to mosh@themoshroom.com
Members of my site can access a special inbox that I check daily by messaging me using the "Member's Only" contact form.

How did you start modeling?
I started off on modelmayhem.com for networking and to work on my portfolio. From there I did just that, networked and worked on my portfolio. Now I've worked with a variety of designers, photographers, stylists, etc. I was lucky enough to also have been featured on some website and a few magazines based off the work I've gotten through modelmayhem!

Can you walk in those heels? (relating to ballet heels or other high heel shoes)

Do you have any tattoos or piercings?
I have one ear piercing, and I have no tattoos.

I heard that you plan on launching a lipstick line, what's that all about and when can we expect them?
I started working on the lipsticks sometime around Oct 2008. Around that time I was doing my research and collected mica pigment samples for the colors. By January 2010 I had most of my color samples worked out and am currently working on completing the final steps to go into full production.
My lipsticks are entirely handmade due to my inability of locating a company that could reproduce my lipsticks exactly as I had developed them, without suffering in quality, color, or price. Many companies who could reproduce in quality and color wanted an incredible amount of money, so I opted for making them myself!
So far I've made a handful of sample lipsticks and have shot with some while I was perfecting my formula. As soon as I'm pleased with the formula and my packaging, I'll be releasing the lipsticks for purchase!

How often do you update your site?
3-6 times a week.

How many pieces of latex clothing do you own?
I own a fair amount. I've never counted the pieces, but I have them stored in three large custom boxes.

Where are you from?
I was born in communist Russia, and moved to the US when I was very young. Both of my parents are Russian. I have a dab of Korean descent as well.

May I use an image of yours as reference for my art?
Yes you may! If you do, PLEASE be sure to include a credit and a link back to me. I also request that you email me the artwork, or link me to it. I love seeing the final pieces!

Where do you get your shoes?
I'm a frequent model for a wonderful shoe company called Fabulously Fetish. I wear their heels often in recent shoots and in my shows. Most of my other shoes are purchased at various web stores or off of eBay.

Me, Myself & I
Fetish Wear

If you have any questions for me e-mail them here!


How did you get your hair so white/ how did you get your hair that color?

I started out with somewhat light hair. My natural color is a light dirty blonde. My hair was professionally bleached to the lightest possible
shade. Then I used Shimmering
Lights shampoo and conditioner to take out the rest of the yellow and brassy tones. Over time with regular use my hair eventually turned completely platinum. I also use my own mixture of about 3-7 different toners. Please note that results may be different depending on your hair. My technique may not work the same way with you. I also don't recommend bleaching out your hair on your own, seek professional help!

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