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Retro Lovely - Issue #2 Alt Magazine - Premier Issue, May 2010
Bizarre Magazine February 2010 #159
Leg Show - Dec 2009
Arte Fotografica - April 2010
Bizarre Magazine April 2009 #149
PSD Photoshop Magazine Oct 2008
Advanced Photoshop #49
ALT FASHION UK Magazine-September 2007 (Issue 6)

Fiori July/August 2010
Deadbeat Magazine #15
Alt Exclusive #2
Traditional Rod & Kulture Issue #23
FFWD (Interview, Calgary)
Von Gutenberg #1, #2
Kustom #20 (France)
Harlow Magazine #1
Eloquence Magazine Feb 2010
Marquis Magazine Issue 48
Bound Issue 5
Secret Magazine #34
Retro Lovely Magazine #1
Iron and Lace Calendar 2011
Pleaser Halloween Funtasma Catalog 2010
Nerdcore Calendar 2010
Dice Magazine Issue 28
Tony Shoes Jewel Collection Catalogue
Tony Shoes Ad in Storerotica Mag 09
Bizarre Magazine Issue 156
Marquis Magazine #49 - Ad for Blacklickorish Latex
Elegy #60 - France
Better Photoshop Techniques - August 2009
Digital Arts June 2009 - UK
Bling Magazine #51, May 2009 - Korea
Vice Guide to Richmond and DC
Itty bitty distant shot of me in March 09 Playboy for Dr. Sketchy's, if you missed Dr. Sketchys you really missed out....
Advanced Photoshop #51
Mondo Biker 2009
Illusion Magazine #7
Clinic Magazine Oct 2008
Secret Magazine #32
Marquis Magazine #45
Gothic Beauty Issue 26
0086 Magazine (China)
Sonic Seducer Calendar 2009
Envy Feb 08
Marquis Magazine #43
SF Weekly - Stuntkid Illustration
Upstate Magazine W08
German Fetish Ball Ad and Poster
A Magazine - Winter Issue 2007
A Magazine - Fall Issue 2007
Poster at the Barbican Xpo for The Fetishistas
Salon Today Magazine-July 2007

Cover of Rubber Duck - Karen Hsiao (White Cover)
Cover of Viva's book, Viva's Pinups
Cover of Christine Kessler's book, Nylon Girls
Cover of Vance's book, On Location
Cover - The Black Tape Sessions 2
The Business of Professional Modeling, pg.31
Rubber Duck - Karen Hsiao (Cover of special edition)
Polaroid 669 - Steve Prue
Culture de Tragˇdie book, 2008

Blacklickorish Latex, Angelique Boutique, Antiseptic Fashion, Artifice Clothing, Cadaver Rags, Collective Chaos, Dickies, Dementia, Ego Assassin, Electra Designs Corsets, Fierce Couture, GirdleBound, HMS Latex, Healing Hearts, Hedons Fair, House of Bias, Jessica Louise, Karen von Oppen, Latex Nemesis, Meschantes Couture, Pinup Girl Clothing, Playboy TV, Pleaser, Scarlet Bliss, Spiral Stitching, Stockroom, Suicide Dreams, Sweetzbaby, Techno Dolly, Tony Shoes, Topsy Turvy Design, Torture Couture, Toxic Shock Apparel, Vaunt Designs, Velvet Village, Versatile Fashions, Vicious Dolls, Waisted Couture Corsetry, newyorkcouture

Many places.
Some of my picks:
Actitudes - espacioactitudes.com Cover #25
thefetishistas.com - Feb and Sept-Oct 2009 Cover
lipstickroyalty.com with Lime Crime Makeup
hottopic.com for Jessica Louise

Torture Garden 2010 - Toronto
Kinkball 2009, 2010 - CA
The Dirty Show 2009 - Detroit, Viva Van Story Gallery Show
Bondage Ball 2008 - CA
Dr. Sketchy - NYC, Baby Tattooville
Zivity Photographer Bootcamp Workshop - CA
Fetish.Fashion.Fuel. Workshop - CA
San Francisco Fetish Ball with Antiseptic - CA

I'll be taking a day soon just to scan in all of
my credits and print work. I'll post an
update when this is complete!