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Bust - 34B
Waist - 23"
Hips - 35"
Shoes - 6.5 - 7

Height: 5'3
Hair: Platinum/silver
Eyes: Blue
Weight: 113 lbs
Birthday: August 21st
Ethnicity: 95% Russian, 5% Korean

Pin Curl
July 31st, 2011

The Smoking Jacket
March 14th, 2011

Two Playgrounds
Dec 10th, 2009

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FAQ #1 - How did you get your hair so
white/ how did you get your
hair that color?

-I started out with somewhat light hair. My
natural color is a light dirty blonde. My hair
was professionally bleached to the lightest
possible shade. Then I used Shimmering
Lights shampoo and conditioner to take out
the rest of the yellow and brassy tones. Over
time with regular use my hair eventually turned completely platinum. Please note that results
may be different depending on your hair.
My technique may not work the same way
with you. I also don't recommend bleaching
out your hair on your own, seek professional help!

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Welcome to TheMoshRoom.com! Home of alternative, fetish, and glamour model MOSH.

I started modeling in 2006 and am now a fulltime freelance model and occasional performer. I love modeling fetish, alternative, glamour, and almost everything in between.

Please be sure to take a look at my portfolio. To book me, please use this contact form.

This site houses thousands of high quality images, videos, candids, webcam chats, and extras. I also maintain my journal, detailed calendar, and now my advice area for members. Take a sneak peek here of what the members are seeing!

Full bio for members!

"Alt models are increasingly in high demand. Our cover model Mosh is perhaps today's hottest alternative/fetish model. She is definitely the "it" girl of the moment in the Alt universe. Her dynamic talent is highlighted by her ability to contort her body beyond belief while commanding the cameras attention better than any Alt model I have ever seen."
-Sean Cummings, Alt Magazine


Introducing my new modeling adventures with COFFIN CASE!
I'm excited to be a part of the Coffin Case family. Being featured in their new catalogue and promo material has been so marvelous, and I look forward to showing you what's in store for the future! We've been putting a fun spin on the iconic case's imagery, a couple of things never done with Coffin before! Stay tuned for more Mosh-Coffin work.
                                                                         Coffin Case!