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Born in Moscow (former Soviet Union) MOSH is as unusual an artist as her name might imply. From a very early age, her parents encouraged her interest in gymnastics and acrobatics and acted as her first coaches. She went on to become a nationally ranked gymnast, but a hard fall and subsequent injury, cut into her abilities as an acrobat. She continued in rhythmic gymnastics, a discipline she still follows to this day.

In addition to the actual competitive element and the art of movement, her time with gymnastics sparked a love for performing and choreography. Through the years, she developed a unique sense of femininity and near sculptural use of the female form. Later in her teens, she would pick up a pair of vintage nylon stockings and a few John Willie illustrations, and those things solidified her love of vintage Hollywood glamour and her desire to model and perform on stage. She has since become one of the biggest names in alternative, fetish, and pin-up modeling and she is known for her unique posing and styling abilities.

Initially known as a print model, it was only when she was first approached by a fan to make an appearance at a private event that she considered doing live shows using her fetishistic and silver-screen era influences such as Jean Harlow and Marlene Dietrich, and her career as a burlesque performer was born.

Mosh does enormous amounts of research into vintage designs to style her shows and shoots and her inability to readily find clothes that meet her aesthetic has driven her to create her own. Many of her designs became popular and in such demand that she ended up releasing limited edition collections like the “Mosh Playsuit” with high-end lingerie company Dottie’s Delights. Mosh is an avid vintage clothing collector and has amassed a large wardrobe of vintage Hollywood glamour gowns, corsets and accessories.

Mosh has been on over 30 magazine covers, several book covers, and has had the starring role as the face of various fashion and makeup companies. She also has an endorsement deal with Coffin case and is a recurring character in EDM’s powerhouse promoter Insomniac’s commercials for “Escape from Wonderland” and “White Wonderland” events.

Mosh does her own make up and styling and has become a much in demand stylist for her own shoots where she contributes to concepts and is rumored to be consulting on some film and music projects.In addition to her shoots and shows, Mosh will be releasing a number of product lines in collaboration with various companies, including her upcoming line with Coffin Case which expands her ongoing association with that company. Due to a demand for information on Mosh's signature style and looks, future tutorials will be released alongside product lines and for the members of her personal web site,, revealing some of Mosh's most sought after beauty secrets.